DLC requirements

  • Courier’s Stash
  • Dead Money
  • Gun Runners’ Arsenal
  • Honest Hearts
  • Lonesome Road
  • Old World Blues

Mod requirements


Version 1.0

  • initial release


This mod adds a player home in Point Lookout, in the pier area.


  • Containers to store your stuff.
  • Has a comfy bed to sleep in, which will give the player the well rested bonus.
  • Contains a water source, a workbench, a reloading bench, a oven for cooking and two harvestable Punga plants which will regrow.



  • I’m using Stash Organizer made by Eddoursul, the naming for the item containers was chosen with that mod in mind. Even though the mod is completely usable without it, but some container names won’t make much sense then.
  • I’m using Simple Interior Lighting Overhaul, for players without that mod the lighting might be a bit to bright.
  • To unlock the player home just pick the lock, or if don’t want to level your lock picking skill use the console to unlock the door.
  • The garbage can container will work as intended. It’s the only container that will respawn, so throw the stuff you don’t want inside of it.


Main Files

Cellar Home