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Point Lookout - Cellar Home TTW

2022-04-05 · dekart811

A cellar based player home for Point Lookout, build for TTW 3.3.

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Sewer Home TTW

2022-03-28 · dekart811

A sewer based player home for both wastelands, build for TTW 3.3.

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Upscaled Vault Suits

2022-02-08 · dekart811

Upscaled versions of the vanilla Vault suits.

Inactive Window Scrolling Fix

2021-09-10 · dekart811

Fix for Windows 10’s inactive window scrolling feature, so that scrolling through menus won’t scroll windows on other screens.

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Ada's Sympathy

2021-08-05 · dekart811

Adds a companion perk for Ada.