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Immersive Sunglasses

2021-07-08 · dekart811

Makes sunglasses more immersive.

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Courier Stations Storage for MissingMeshTV's Player Homes

2021-04-28 · dekart811

Adds a footlocker to the Player Homes made by MissingMeshTV which will let you access the storage of his Commonwealth Express Courier Stations mod.

Non-Conflicting Companions Tweaks

2021-04-28 · dekart811

Companions will have infinite ammo, take no fall damage, take no Power Armor damage, can sneak and will not trigger mines and traps.

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Perk Styled CCC Icons - Willow

2021-02-04 · dekart811, Miss Pumpkin

Adds a new JIP Companions Command and Control icon for Willow. To match the style of Perk Styled CCC Icons.

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Smooth Talker Hat

2020-08-29 · dekart811

Adds a unique hat to the game that will give the player +1 Charisma and +1 Luck.