ED-E Tweaks

2022-12-10 · dekart811

Collection of some minor tweaks for ED-E.

My HUD Colors

2022-08-18 · dekart811

HUD color I use when playing TTW.

[Comparison](https://imgsli.com/MTMxNDkz)   [Gallery](https://imgur.com/a/3FZckw6)

Fallout: New Vegas - ReShade preset

2022-08-03 · dekart811

My personal ReShade preset for Fallout: New Vegas.

[Click for more](https://imgur.com/a/q7vzxod)

Mojave Express Courier Stations Reimagined

2022-08-02 · dekart811

Adds several player homes/courier stations across the Mojave.

GECK Loader

2022-07-19 · dekart811

Helps launching the FO3/FNV GECK, when using ReShade or similar software.